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Br. Samuel Babu, Believers Brethren Assembly, (BBA), Majlis - Bahrain For the last few days, we have been relentlessly praying for Br. Samuel Babu, who suffered Cardiac Problems and was admitted in Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain. It was well pleasing for our Lord to call HIS child to the Eternal Home, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness and no death. He went to be with the LORD around 10:30 PM Bahrain Time today (Friday 23rd 2015). Let us uphold the grieving family members to the Throne of Grace. May the Lord bestow upon them heavenly Grace, Peace and strength and console them with the word of God.

A Mission With A Great Vision 

Great Opportunity  To Fulfill


Glimpses of A.V. Ministries

By, AV  Ministries



Loving Greetings to you from AV Ministries & Sath Gamaya Team  in the  most  exalted and matchless  name of our  soon coming  Lord  and  Savior  Jesus Christ.

As you know, AV Ministries stand committed to mobilize prayer and support various Ministries, carry the sick and needy ones to the Throne of Grace, Proclaim Gospel through the Print, Electronic, Audio and Visual Media,  and Encourage fellow brethren for  building up of Lord’s Body.

1. Prayer Bulletins

AV Ministries  “Prayer Bulletins” by Electronic Media (E-Mail & SMS) link  hundreds of our partners around the Globe,  who are privileged to carry the  sick and  needy ones  to the Throne of Grace. 

2. Encouragement Mail

AV Ministries Daily "Encouragement Mail" which consists of Bible Study Notes, Articles, Write-ups, Exhortations, Testimonies, Poems, Stories, etc. is sent out for the spiritual encouragement of  fellow brethren and  building up of Lord’s Body. (Due to various  reasons and  constrains we  were  not able to post  AV Ministries Daily "Encouragement Mail"  for over  a month.  We  request your prayers that  we  are able to resume  posting AV Ministries Daily "Encouragement Mail"  at the  earliest. 

3. Birth of a New Vision 


 Asatho Ma Sath Gamaya  (Lead me from Untruth to Truth) 
Thamaso Ma Jyothir Gamaya  (Lead me  from Darkness to Light) 
Mrithyorma Amritham Gamaya  (Lead me from Death to Life)


This was the  traditional prayer of thousands and  thousands of religious people in India. Who is the Truth, the Light and the Life? Yes, it is none other  than our Lord Jesus Christ, who said  “I am the way, and the truth and the life” (Johns 14:6); “I am the light of the world”(John 8:12)

 Who should show the spiritually hungered the path to real Truth, Light and Life? Yes, it is none other than YOU and ME who has received the great commission from our Great God. When there are a lot of problems for preaching Gospel in India, doors one after another are being closed, AV Ministries have  prayerfully taken a bold step of faith to spread the Gospel through visual media. Thus AV Ministries "Visual Media Ministry" - Sath Gamaya - the premier  Music & Gospel TV Talk show in  Malayalam was born.

              A. Sath Gamaya on PEOPLE TV

Every Friday a Music & Gospel Talk Show of half an hour duration is telecast in Malayalam through PEOPLE TV (News Channel of Kairali TV) at 4:30 PM, Indian Time. This is a God given vision to reach the un-reached millions of Malayalees, both young and old, with the good news. Introducing some interesting topics relevant to the contemporary society, and introducing Jesus Christ as the Ultimate Answer to Man’s Problem, the discussion ends up in sharing clearly the message of salvation.  Through 'People TV” we reach millions of people every week. We receive tremendous responses from the viewers and the follow up being carried out by a committed team from our Assemblies. Sath Gamaya team consists of a group of believers who are challenged by the great commission, and who invest their God-given talents, time and resources for God's kingdom, on a voluntary basis.  Although Satan brought many distractions, hurdles and tried his best to prevent us from continuing this humble ministry, the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob - The  Emmanuel, The Ebenezer was with us. When it was launched on 09 JUN 2005, a passionate vision and an undoubting faith in the ONE who commissioned us were our capital.  By the Grace of God, Sath Gamaya  crossed many milestones.  22 JUN 2007, 4:30 PM (IST), it was a historic moment - telecast of the 100th Episode of Sath Gamaya. Praise the Lord! It's God's doing  and  marvelous in our eyes. We have no words to explain how grateful we are to the Lord for using  this feeble  vessels. God willing, Sath Gamaya will be on  Kairali’s News channel – PEOPLE TV on every Friday at 4:30 P.M. Indian Time  and God willing the 125th Episode of Sath Gamaya, is scheduled for telecast on Friday,  28 DEC 07  at 4:30 P.M. Indian Time. 

              B. Sath Gamaya (Malayalam)  on  Power vision TV

By the Grace of God, from 05 COT 07,  AV Ministries  started telecast of  Sath Gamaya (Malayalam)  on Power Vistion TV also. Now Sath Gamaya  (Malayalam) will be on  Power vision TV every Friday at 6:30 PM (IST).

God has guided us hitherto in leading several souls to see the meaning of Life and committed their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ – the only way to eternal life.  We have several testimonials informing us of their life transforming experiences and personal encounters with Christ because of Sath Gamaya telecasts.  They are immensely thankful to the Lord for the life-changing programs of Sath Gamaya, that changed the destiny of their life. Only Eternity will reveal the full picture. We give all Glory, Honour and Praises to Him - our Master - and Him alone. Although we had to face several obstacles on the road frequent problems, hurdles, threats but our God, the one who defeated the foe was  in command, He is our Leader.  HE is in command. Hallelujiah! 

Let us join our hands together and march forward as we have many mile stones to cross  before we rest.  Please continue to pray for Sath Gamaya and spread the news to your friends, contacts, relatives and  encourage others to watch Sath Gamaya and be part of this Ministry. We have the program in Kairali’s News channel – PEOPLE TV on every Friday at 4:30 P.M. Indian Time and on Power Vistion TV  every Friday at 6:30 P.M. Indian Time.

              C. Sath Gamaya online - 24 hours (www.bahrainbrethren.com)

Now  selected episodes  of  Sath Gamaya are  available on line 24 hours per  courtesy Baharainbrethren.com. Monthly uploading is being done. So, Sath Gamaya  is accessible  by the people at any time and from any where in the world.  

4. Another Bold Step of  Faith by AV Ministries (Sath Gamaya in Hindi)

            A. Vision Expands

Malayalam is just one among 22 official languages in India. But Hindi, is our national language and is the 3rd largest speaking language in the world, next to English and Chinese. More than half of the 1.15 billion Indians speak and understand Hindi. Hindi TV programs are the most watched in the world. The Hindi film industry rules the roost making millions stay glued to the television, spreading the language further to the corners of the nation, beside the Indian Diaspora. Though the TV has become the largest communication medium in Hindi, Gospel communicators use it sparingly. It is high time for us to step into this arena. TV viewers are a unique group who would never come and listen to any other mode of gospel communication.

        B. Operation Of The Vision

      Sath Gamaya in Hindi : Following the impact of Sath Gamaya program in Malayalam, work  is now in progress to launch Sath Gamaya in Hindi, through one of the premium TV channels in India. An Assembly based committed team with creativity and passion for the souls from various parts of India had been identified under whose guidance, production of several episodes involving Assembly Evangelists are almost ready for telecast.  ‘Z -TV’, The most popular Hindi channel, have agreed to telecast our programs.

      The initial plan is to begin with a 30 minute telecast once a week. Contact numbers, email address, and addresses in Mumbai, Delhi, Arabian Gulf, USA and Europe will be given. Seekers shall be directed to the Elders / Evangelists of local Assemblies within the vicinity of the seekers. Follow-up meetings shall be arranged. In addition, seekers shall be enrolled to an Assembly based Emmaus Correspondence Course.

      The Hindi program aims at over half of Indian audience who are conversant in Hindi language, especially the most potent North India, besides a chunk of the South and those Hindi Speaking people residing outside of India.  Think of the eternal impact Sath Gamaya Hindi Program would create on an audience of more than half of Indian Population. As Sath Gamaya Malayalam is one of the most well watched TV shows, we are confident in the Lord that Sath Gamaya Hindi will also create a transformational impact on the Hindi speaking population of India, both within and outside the country. But this program can be launched only with the prayerful support of God's children worldwide.

      C. Let The Vision Spread

People perish where there is no vision. Do not let our fellow brethren to perish. Our Lord said: "The Truth shall set you free" and Sath Gamaya is a rare opportunity to reach millions of truth-seeking Indians in their mother tongue - Hindi.  Will you kindly respond to the call of the Lord? Indeed, He will richly reward you for your partnership in this endeavor. And heaven will rejoice in what you do to "Save many out of hell fire".  (Jude 23) Please remember the millions of Hindi speaking population who are spiritually hungry, but now open to the Gospel. Yes, we now have a door open for Preaching the Gospel! Let us make use of it before it is closed.  

5. Your Part In This Vision

Sath Gamaya is an evangelistic program involving Assembly men and women with vision of reaching millions in India and  abroad.  As an individual and / or as a Local Assembly in India and abroad, what is your role in Sath Gamaya?

*    Be A Prayer Partner: Sath Gamaya rests on the platter of prayers of saints all over the World. Please urge the saints to pray individually and collectively in all prayer meetings.

*    Be A Promotion  Partner:  Introduce the program to non-believing Hindi viewers (For Hindi) and Malayalam viewers (For Malayalam) either directly or through believers of your Assembly.

*    Be a Follow up Partner: Proper Follow-up is a must. You can involve in the follow-up Team Work.

6. Finally, The Financial Part:    As God’s Missionary to China, Hudson Taylor expressed  and experienced : God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supplies."....  As God's servant George Muller did, we look to the Lord  for heavenly provisions.

Production  of 16 episodes is complete and  are  ready for telecast. Now we  need  to  finalize the  time slot with the  TV Channel. Our negotiations are  with Z-TV and their condition is that we have to sign the agreement for  a minimum 3 months time slot by making the  3 months payment and submitting the product in  advance. We continue to pray and look to the Lord  for heavenly provisions to  start telecast of  Sath Gamaya in Hindi.  Please join us in taking this matter to the Throne of Grace that our Gracious God will make heavenly provisions, in HIS Time and in HIS Way!! Although Production and telecast of each episode would incur a heavy amount but when we relate with the number of  reached souls, it is  worth our  investment.

Also, please  pray with us for heavenly guidance to the brethren and technical team involved that God will use these humble efforts for salvation of many. Our aim is to proclaim the Living Gospel to the perishing souls directly or indirectly for furtherance of HIS Kingdom, and  ultimately for  the Glory of our GOD.

“As An Assembly or individual, here is  an opportunity to join in this great vision of reaching the souls of our mother land India and Hindi Speaking people  scattered  all over the world to fulfill the GREAT COMMISSION!” 
If you are burdened by the Holy Spirit to extend a material support or  to know more  about this great vision, please contact us.

Thank you again for your support to  AV Ministries & Sath Gamaya. Please  continue to carry  AV Ministries & Sath Gamaya to the Throne of Grace as  we  need  MUCH GRACE  from above these  days.   PLEASE   PRAY,,,  PRAY,,, PRAY.

In our Master’s Love,

Sath Gamaya   Team

For More Details, Please  Contact:

Rajan Thomas-  Bahrain +97339456044  or   av_sathgamaya@yahoo.com

George Koshy - India,+919447213777  or   sath_gamaya@yahoo.com

Shaji B. Oommen: KSA +966504820394  or   sathgamaya@arabianvoice.org


Mailing Address:  

P O Box 7682, Kandivilli, Mumbai 400 067, India   

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