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Br. Samuel Babu, Believers Brethren Assembly, (BBA), Majlis - Bahrain For the last few days, we have been relentlessly praying for Br. Samuel Babu, who suffered Cardiac Problems and was admitted in Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain. It was well pleasing for our Lord to call HIS child to the Eternal Home, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness and no death. He went to be with the LORD around 10:30 PM Bahrain Time today (Friday 23rd 2015). Let us uphold the grieving family members to the Throne of Grace. May the Lord bestow upon them heavenly Grace, Peace and strength and console them with the word of God.

striving to touch the lives of Reangs (MIZORAM)

Bro. Thomas k. Joseph 

Beloved BRETHREN in Jesus Christ,

I am Thomas k. Joseph, working in mizoram as an evangelist commended by Palunda Brethren assembly at Nilambur in Kerala. We greet you in the most worthy name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  This mail is just only to update the ministry details for your prayers and not for any financial support. We are happy in the Lord.  My wife, Jissy and children, Johannah(3) and Christi(6 months) are happy in the Lord.

After three months of linguistic training under Word For All Wycliffe Associates in India committed for Bible translations in India, Nasik, Maharashtra. We are back in Aizawl now. The tonal feature of Tibeto-Burman tribal language compelled us to have the linguistic training to equip us to effectively communicate the truth with the local people. We highly esteem you, the brethren, who are upholding us in your valuable prayers and supported us in every need of us in His ministry. Because you are upholding us regularly in your valuable prayers and offered financial support to us in the ministry of our Lord we could reach out many people in many ways in the time past. Now we would like to update the details of the ministry we are being involved in just for prayer concern, not for any financial support at all. We so write you the details of the ministry for praise and prayer.

The Lord in the time past strengthened us many ways. Therefore we could reach the un reached people groups in many ways. We conducted regular house, central prison and hospital visits. Gospel meetings were conducted in many labor camps in and around Aizawl. Many are also studying Emmaus Bible Correspondence Courses in Mizo, English and Bengali languages. The Mizoram government has included our name in the electoral list and thus we could overcome the Innerline Permit issue. Your prayerful supports in time enabled us to do thus far in His grace.

The Lord led us into the western borders of Mizoram with Tripura and Bangladesh and we have started working among the Reang tribe of Mizoram from Sept 2006. They reside in the western borders of Mizoram with Bangladesh and Tripura. Most of them are refugees and animists in religion, very few of them are nominal Christians but majority of them are animists. They are still unreached and having only N.T. in their language called “KAU BRU” at that time. The Lord also strengthened us to conduct the outreach among the Reang refugees in N. Tripura in the month of May 2007 with the help of Majlis Assembly Bahrain. This outreach is used by the Lord to give us a grand opening to reach them out with the gospel regularly and meaningfully. We have seen the pressing need to reach out the Riangs along with the unreached Buddist CHUKMA tribe and Halam tribe staying in the border of Mizoram with Tripura and Bangladesh.  In one refugee camp a group of refugees came up and asked us “will you come and teach us God’s Word regularly? We have no body to teach us or tell us God’s Word” This question was raised before us and we are having no excuse before the Lord to say “NO” to them. Even though we have plenty of ministry opportunity in the city and we are comfortable in the ministry here in Aizawl, we realized God’s guidance and leading us into the bordering area to reach the Reang tribe by His grace. So we have no excuse before the Lord but willing to obey Him in following His guidance to move to do effective ministry among these tribes staying in the border area. Stay in Aizawl will not help us to reach them out meaningfully since both the place are too far. So Panisagar in N. Tripura is a convenient location for us to stay and do reguilar ministry among these people groups. Since militancy is deep rooted among these people it is very risky to stay with them in their camp area, so we have decided to stay in Panisagar which is 28 K.M. closer to the Refugee camp area in obedience to His call to reach out the Reangs meaningfully and regularly. If we do not respond to God’s call to reach the Reangs we are held responsible in His sight. Till this time we have seen nobody coming up in accomplishing God’s plan for the Reangs. So we have shifted from Aizawl to Panisagar.

This will slow down the ministry being done by us in Aizawl drastically for a period of time till the Lord send another one to carry it out. So we are fervently looking forward to hear from the Lord that He has prepared some one to take up the ministry initiated by us in Aizawl. It is the Lord who calls and sends people into His ministry and the church recognizes it. Even though we have no assembly testimony established in Aizawl due to various reasons we have done what the Lord enabled us till this time and now he has given us the guidance to move to the Riang area to reach out these tribes stay in the border area.  Keeping the ministry in Aizawl and of the border area will not work out due to geographical and topographical and weather features. Keeping the family in one place for ministry will ruin our family life and thus the ministry and testimony. So we in His will decided and moved Panisagar near to the Reang refugee camps area to do the ministry in the best possible way.

Leaving the city with all the facilities available there and the future of our children and the deep-rooted militant activities among the Reangs and other tribes in the border area were the major concerns that hindered us to shift. But being in the center of His will is the ever best and safest place a man of God ever can be. Also the donor is more important than the gift.  So we wanted to honor God above everything so we delighted to shift to this area.

The Lord had opened the hearts of many in the border area to study His word. Therefore we have programmed to do regular bible study for them. Being in Aizawl it is not possible. Therefore after much prayer and planning we have shifted from Aizawl to Panisagar in the border area to reach the Riangs regularly and meaningfully. We have realized the great and ardent desire and thirst of the people to study God’s Word. We have no option but shift, since no body has come up to help us in reaching them with His Word. If we do not meet their need the enemy with his best is at work to keep them under his control. Hindu religious fanatic groups like Kaliyan ashram and Bajranga Dal are at work among them to create anti-Christian activities in North East. They have already taken many Reang youths into different North Indian state to be trained in Hindu religious activities and also to carry out anti-Christian activities among the tribal groups in North East India. If we the custodians of the truth keep silent the night is coming where none can work. Therefore we must do the work of Him who has sent me as long as it is day; the night is coming where none can work. Since the Lord used us in different ways to different people, groups in and around Aizawl, we did not want to leave Aizawl. But the response and need of the Reang tribe in the border area are great and their desire is ardent and cannot be neglected. So we have shifted in His guidance.

The Lord in the time past had enabled us to translate and print some bible tracts and book lets in different languages in Mizoram. Literature ministry was our main means to communicate the truth till this time since we are not able to communicate with them in their vernacular. But now we are equipped to learn their language and are doing our best in learning their language. Some are helping us in translation works. Translation of more Bible tracts and booklets are going on. Since we are pioneers in the ministry and we do not have reliable gospel literature to reach out these people groups. Therefore we need to do as much as bible literatures to be translated for our use in the ministry. Most of the North Eastern languages are Tibeto Burman in origin which has tonal aspect which determines the meanning so it ias very difficult for an outsider to pick up the language in its beauty to effectively communicate the truth of God's Word These languages have tonal features and having insufficient tools, thus very difficult to learn, reproduce and communicate in these languages. We did our best to learn the language in depth, but not improved much in communicating the message better. Our need compelled us to have linguistic training. After the training, we have shifted to the border area to have language and culture acquisition in communicating the truth of God to them effectively.  We also would like to do our best in producing quality literature.

God has also helped us in sending some Reang youths to different Bible schools of the brethren in Kerala and in North India to teach them God’s Word. This should be done in the Church. But since we have no assembly and we are alone and not able to be in their respective localities to teach them regularly due to the above-mentioned constraints, we were forced to do so to develop a team to reach out the Riangs in His grace. They will be able to reach their men in every area of their stay if a team is developed only if the Lord burden them with His word. They all are happy in doing their biblical studies. Pray for these young men as they under take their biblical studies God may transform their lives and mould them according to His will and use them to reach out the Riangs in His grace where we have no access and better than us in communicating the truth in their vernacular.

Now, a big matter for praise that B.S.I. has published KAU BRU FULL BIBLE for the Reangs and re printed their N.T. Now we are made some arrangements to buy as much as copies of this Bible and made it available to them in their area - atleast one copy to every Reang family because the best evangelist is the Bible and best means to evangelize is to present them a Bible in their vernacular. We believe in the power of God’s Word and the Spirit of the Lord will make its best use if we present them a Bible to each family thus they will be reached with His word in their language. We are bound in many ways to reach them out but the Word of God is not imprisoned (2Timo.2: 9).  Scripture Gift Ministry will be assisting us in doing so.

Since there is no reliable literature to do proper discipleship we are praying for starting necessary steps to do translate Emmaus Bible Correspondence Course materials into “Kau Bru” since B.S.I. has published full Bible in Kau Bru. We are also made some arrangements to supply the refugees as much as used cloths. In the month of March/ April we would like to conduct a medical camp cum gospel meeting for a week. We request you to uphold all these matters in your valuable prayers because it is your prayerful supports enabled in the time past to do thus far in reaching these tribals in His grace. Since they are also tripartite beings created in His image like us, having no facilities to meet their basic medical needs since they are refugees we would like to conduct a medical camp in meeting the general medical needs of their body which is the abode of the spirit which is more precious than the whole world. When the Lord saw the crowd needy and in desperate situation He was moved with compassion resulted in action. So as we reach them with the message of the glorious gospel we would like to do our best in helping them in meeting their necessities since they are refugees of pathetic estate. We appreciate your valuable prayers, which motivates us in His love to do our best in His grace. Therefore we humbly request you to uphold these matters too in your valuable prayers that the Lord may use these efforts to touch the lives of the Reangs and Chukmas and Halams in His grace.

We convey heart felt thanks and love to you all who have prayed for us in the ministry once again. This lettter is sent just for prayer concern and not for any financial support at all.

Your’s in His grace,

Thomas K Joseph.


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