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Br. Samuel Babu, Believers Brethren Assembly, (BBA), Majlis - Bahrain For the last few days, we have been relentlessly praying for Br. Samuel Babu, who suffered Cardiac Problems and was admitted in Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain. It was well pleasing for our Lord to call HIS child to the Eternal Home, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness and no death. He went to be with the LORD around 10:30 PM Bahrain Time today (Friday 23rd 2015). Let us uphold the grieving family members to the Throne of Grace. May the Lord bestow upon them heavenly Grace, Peace and strength and console them with the word of God.


A Local New Testament Assembly

A serious Spiritual Exercise for those who are burdened about the church


Br. Oommen Philip




This exercise has 50 statements, about a local church (Assembly of God’s children) all of which are based on the Bible. It is likely that these statements may portray the situation in your present or former local assembly in some measure.


The objective of this exercise is to provide you with an opportunity to objectively evaluate your assembly in a constructive manner so that your burdens about your assembly can be translated into some spiritual actions plans based on the Bible. 


 Please prayerfully evaluate the 50 statements (items) given below on a 5 point scale, where,


1). 0 will denote a total or near absence of this aspect of the local church in practice in your assembly/church

2). 0.5 will denote a 25% or less of this aspect in practice or visible in your assembly

3). 1.0 will denote a 50% of this aspect in practice or visible in your assembly

4). 1.5 will denote a 75% of this aspect in practice or visible in your assembly

5). 2.0 will denote a 100% or near 100% of this aspect in practice or visible in your assembly.


Please remember: this is a fact finding exercise and not a fault finding one and so please do the evaluations with a spirit of true self examination and do not be in a spirit of judgment.


My Local Assembly:


  1. It is fully based on the Scriptures
  2. It is  patterned after what is shown in the book of Acts of the Apostles
  3. It has believers of all ages groups, dwelling together in unity, as a church family
  4. It focuses extensively on the Youth and the children as the future baton bearers
  5. It is outreach oriented
  6. It endeavors to meet the needs of the communities around it
  7. It takes efforts to  build up the spiritual lives of the believers
  8. Its ministries are based on the spiritual gifts of all the believers
  9. It is led by the Holy Spirit and not by any human leader or group of leaders 
  10. It will centre around the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and not any thing or any  one else
  11. It  provides a forum for all members to grow spiritually
  12. It is open to the needs of the saints who are a part of it in a personal manner
  13. Its ministries attract unsaved persons from the neighborhood to Jesus and His teachings
  14. It is highly participative in its gatherings, without consideration to age or seniority, but will centre on the Biblical teaching that the younger ones will be taught by the mature saints.
  15. Its members test to see all beliefs and practices on the basis of the Bible,  like  the Bereans (Acts 17:11)
  16. It endeavors to creating a fear of the Lord on the minds of all who attend the meetings and will know the seriousness of the presence of  the Lord in fuller praise and worship of Him who is the only worthy one.
  17. It helps to create a testimony of the type that was found in the assembly at Antioch (Acts 11)
  18. Its members  work hard to  produce spiritual results and fruit in a continuous manner
  19. Its members are taught and they take relentless efforts at  being Spirit-filled and Word-filled
  20. Its members continuously experience a spirit of brokenness
  21. It does not have a spirit of  bias of any sort
  22. It  stands firm against apostasy,  and false doctrines and practices  of all kind
  23. It creates a spirit of camaraderie, kiononia and brotherhood which will be above reproach
  24. Its members are being  built on mutual love, respect, trust and regard
  25. It endeavors to resolving conflicts in a spirit of humility, love  and mutual understanding
  26. It endeavors to draw its power from individual, group and corporate prayer life
  27. It creates a longing to study the Word individually and corporately
  28. It worships together, not in any human form or order, but in unity of spirit and gratitude to the  Lord in a  spontaneous manner
  29. It enthusiastically shares financially in the evangelization of the World, and endeavors to meeting the needs of the poor and needy believers inside and outside the assembly  and in the  community
  30. It endeavors to keep the unity of spirit in the bondage of peace with those of the same faith which was once and for all entrusted with the saints.
  31. It works against the spirit of schisms and groups among the believers and relates to all believers without partiality, bias and favor.
  32. It endeavors not to forsake the assembling of believers together
  33. It strengthens the saints who go through trials of various type by standing with them, supporting them in prayer and helping to meet the needs with care, love and understanding
  34. It is given to hospitality for the household of faith and for strangers
  35. It endeavors not to create different strata of believers on the basis of ministries, spiritual gifts,  responsibilities in  the assembly, seniority, level of education or wealth  
  36. It creates an atmosphere of equality/equity among the believers so that all saints will be primarily known and treated as “brethren”.
  37. It endeavors to create an atmosphere where no one will have opportunity to become prominent and all will only be centering on the Lord Jesus Christ, hiding behind the cross.
  38. It develops all ministries around the Lord Jesus Christ and not around any individuals, programs, projects, organizations, movements or patterns.
  39. It endeavors to move around with a view to planting new assemblies in the surrounding areas as its membership increases.
  40. Its primary hope is on the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ to meet the church, His Bride, in the air and this thought will be reflected in their personal, social and spiritual life, as believers who are least materialistic and follow a pattern of a separated life in actions, aspirations and demeanor
  41. It teaches believers to live a sacrificial life and help them to give liberally to the Lord’s work
  42. It endeavors to maintain a testimony that its members are sojourners in this World through their priorities, interests, likes, dislikes, conversation, appearance and deeds
  43. It makes all efforts to please the Lord Jesus Christ and while doing so, will not be concerned about earning the displeasure of the World
  44. It demonstrates the reality that it is engaged in spiritual warfare in this World and is ever aware of the fact that Satan and his agents, the World and flesh  are its prime enemies
  45. It teaches all believers to keep away from getting unequally yoked with unbelievers in marriage, business and other entanglements with the World
  46. It demonstrates a spirit of forgiveness in all its dealings with the saints and the World, and will keep away from revenge and retaliation
  47. It teaches its members to live a continuous life of repentance and confession
  48. It teaches its members to work hard and live  to earn the qualification of the disciple of the Man of Galilee
  49. It teaches its members to seek and to find the  perfect will  of God in all areas of their lives and endeavor to live such a life to please the One Who gave Himself for them
  50. It teaches its members to live a life of continuous worship (sacrifice) so as to burn off like a candle and be not seen, but to show others the light and take a stand that they must decrease and He must increase.   



1. The total score can be reached by adding up all the scores of all the 50 items. This will give you a score in percentage (out of 100 as maximum) and should be the current score of the NT vision and spiritual nature of your assembly, in your perception.


2. The current percentage will help you to make a comparison of your assembly's present position with what is envisaged by the Lord in the Word for a NT assembly. 


3. You can make your own score board and make your own interpretations and conclusions on the present stage of NT pattern of your church, in terms of the assembly's goals, effectiveness, level of growth, strengths, and so on. Interpretations can be drawn about each item to draw conclusions.


4. Wherever you find the scores of the individual items to be strong, please see what more can be done so that the scores will remain at the present level or will be helped to go up.


Wherever you find the scores of the individual items to be weak, please see what more can be done or what can be done anew to bring the scores up and towards 2.


5. Thus a spiritual action plan may be prepared for:


a. Leadership, for more prayer, confessions, teaching, preaching, visiting, communicating, involving, mingling, loving, caring, growing and so on

b. The believers, for more prayer, Bible Study, repentance, identifying and using spiritual gifts, evangelism, community relations, communication, giving and so on.


6. This exercise can be repeated at some intervals in the future (say every year) to see whether your assembly is making any progress or change either way, so that appropriate scriptural action plans can be prayerfully arrived at.









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