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Br. Samuel Babu, Believers Brethren Assembly, (BBA), Majlis - Bahrain For the last few days, we have been relentlessly praying for Br. Samuel Babu, who suffered Cardiac Problems and was admitted in Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain. It was well pleasing for our Lord to call HIS child to the Eternal Home, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness and no death. He went to be with the LORD around 10:30 PM Bahrain Time today (Friday 23rd 2015). Let us uphold the grieving family members to the Throne of Grace. May the Lord bestow upon them heavenly Grace, Peace and strength and console them with the word of God.

The graveyard of missions

Bro. Benny Chackochan


Bihar has an ancient and glorious history. Bihar gave birth to two famous religions i.e. Buddhism and Jainism. It is very rich in mineral and fertile land. In spite of this, the people of Bihar live in utter spiritual darkness and in the clutches of the devil. There are some districts which are called the “dacoit belt” by the police. People worship various idols in human and animal forms. For cleansing of sins, they dip themselves in the river Ganges and think that their sins are forgiven and cleansed. Even dead bodies are thrown away into the river with the belief that the moment their bodies touch the holy water, they enter into the gates of heaven.


Extremist violence and relentless class conflicts have already taken a heavy toll of human lives and they still continue with alarming tenacity and regularity. Corruption, gundaism, hooliganism and other anti-social elements have ruined the state. In such a situation, people live under constant fear, threats and under the shadow of gun. These are places where policemen are often reduced to mute spectators due to their depleted strength, inferior fire power and sheer inaccessibility. Apart from this, malnutrition, epidemics and water-borne sickness also have devoured the state. Someone has well said about Bihar, “Bihar is a dark state”. It is true in spiritual, social, moral and in other basic realms. Bihar is also called as “the graveyard of missions”. Over the years, many missions started the work in Bihar, but all had to wind up the ministry due to strong oppositions.

In spite of this, the Lord blessed our ministries in the past 20 years. Many Assemblies have been formed. Many local believers came up with the burden for their own people and separated themselves for the Lord’s work. Praise His holy name.


Evangelists are facing a lot of problems with their children’s education and monthly rent. Frequent changes of the rented house are also another problem. This is due to the meetings which are held in their room. An Assembly Hall is also a need. Saints need to pray for these matters. We need to strive in prayer for the strengthening of the Assembly gatherings and believers.


We have about 33 assemblies in Bihar now and about 50 evangelists. We have regular outreach ministries, concentrating on villages, in many places. Our evangelists are very active and enthusiastic. We also have team ministries every month. Every quarter, all the Evangelists meet together for fellowship at a particular place. The Lord has given us unity of the spirit and love for each other.

Some new Evangelists are not commended but are actively involved in the ministry whereas some commended evangelists are not properly supported. As our Assemblies are poor, we cannot support all the work. We look forward for God’s wonderful ways to go ahead and continue the ministry in Bihar.


My dad is my spiritual father. Though he was physically challenged, he served the Lord with full enthusiasm. He loved God and His people. After serving the Lord for 52 years, he was called home in the year 2001. Hallelujah, he is now with the Lord. His eyes are opened.

After my studies, I got an offer abroad. I took my passport. I was waiting for the call of the employer, but the Lord called me for His ministry. I was hesitant, but later, I had to obey to His call. Thus, I came to Bihar in the year of 1992.

Initially, I stayed with Bro. P. J. John at Muzaffarpur. I learned the language and the culture of the people etc. In the year 1999, I came to Begusarai. It was a new place, hard soil, a new local language, hard water; everything seemed to suppress me much. I was affected by malaria and typhoid a number of times. Satan also worked very powerfully, and I was planning to change my place of work, although a few souls were saved by this time. But then, the Lord again helped me to listen to His voice. I obeyed it. Now, we have an assembly here with only local people. We are about 40 who gather on Sundays. 23 believers here have been baptized. Now we need our own place of worship.


The Lord has put a burden in our hearts to produce GOSPEL CDs for distribution among the common people with full gospel messages. It is sold for Rs. 10/-. Now, we are engaged in a new CD production. It is mainly for unbelievers. Apart from the regular Devotional touch, we want to include songs and messages for non-Christian people in such a way that, they all may like it. Priscilla has started the work for it. This is a bold step. We want the people of God to pray for it regularly.


In the perfect will of the Lord, I married Priscilla on 26th Sept 1996. We are blessed with STEVE BEN (son, 11 years old) and STEFY RICHA BEN (daughter, 6 years old). Both of them are studying. Priscilla is blessed with a divine and blessed voice. She is also talented in composing new songs and music. She has written a number of songs in Malayalam, Hindi and English.

We do not want to send any appeal to solicit funds. However, if anybody feels the leading to help our ministries personally or generally for Bihar, you are most welcome to do so. May the good Lord bless and keep you. Let it be for His glory.

“Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain”. 1 Cor. 15:58 (NIV). Amen.


I had the opportunity to participate in this years’ Bihar Conference as a Speaker and following are my observations and suggestions to the browsers of Bahrain Brethren.

1.     Most of the Assemblies are formed within the past two decades and a majority of Believers are still babes in Christ who need consistent follow-up and teaching. Mostly they belong to BPL.

2.   I could see the majority of Evangelists from local Villages. They are compartively more useful to reach out to the villagers in view of their cultural compatibility.

3.   Missionaries from the South are to be encourged by our personal calls, letters and gifts for their role in assisting local Evangelists and Believers in ministry.

4.   There are several non-listed workers working under the leadership of senior Evangelists who normally do not have any avenue of income. They need to be contacted and supported through older Evangelists and Elders of Assemblies in each area.

5.   The Bi-annual Conference is a time of great fellowship and encouragement to families having a season of the proclamation of God’s word. The expenses are exorbitant. However, it is truly worth in terms of seeing the unity among Believers, Assemblies and Evangelists. Assemblies in India and abroad need to consider these expenses.

6.   It is always better to train local Evangelists including those who are from Tribal areas who speak languages such as Hindi, Santhali, Bojpuri, etc. The Bible Schools such as the North India Bible School, Alwar; Bengal Bible Training Institue, Jamthara; and other short-term Bible courses held at Tata Nagar (Bro. P. M. Skariah); Katini, M.P. (Bro. Babu Thoppil); Sihore (Bro. Benny Charalil); Gwalior (Bro. Ranjit Kumar Bagh); Vapi, Gujarat (Bro. Jose Dali) are involved in such productive ministries.

7.   Need prayerful support in terms of facilities, running expesnes, etc.


Precisely how you can be a part of these ministries in North India, personally or as an Assembly?

1.     Pray for at least one Evangelist a day. Send a post card to their families and children as an enouragement.

2.     As the Lord leads, send personally an earmarked support for their family maintenance, children’s education, house rent, etc. When you spend extra on comforts and luxuries for you and your children, remember the necessities of such workers right at the forefront.

3.     As Assemblies, select a state each year to support the workers. Non-listed Local Evangelists and their Families are also to be considered who can be contacted through Senior Evangelists and Elders.

4.     Sponsor local students in Bible Schools functioning in North India. For more details please contact them directly. Addresses can be made available upon demand.

5.     As an individual or as families, sponsor a day’s or a week’s or a month’s food expenditure of these Bible Schools. While at Jamthara, it is learned that with Rs.500 one day’s food expenses for 18 students can be met. Very minimal, isn’t it. How much money do you spend for a Formal Dinner? Learn to curtail extra personal and family expenditure and support such causes.


List of commended Evangelists in Bihar:

1.     Ramdhrash Kumar, C/o Mr. Pradeep Minz, Qr: No.164/ LD, Rly Colony, Children’s Park, Narkatiagunj 845 455

2.     Tomy P.J., 5A/31 North S.K.Puri, Patliputra P.O., PATNA 800013

3.     Krishna Kumar Sharma, Near Sports Club, Chhathauni, MOTIHARI P.O., EAST CHAMPARAN

4.     Mathew O.M., Flat No 302, Nirmala Kunj Apts, Kesri Nagar P.O, PATNA 800024

5.     Ravi Shankar Prasad, C/o Rameshwar Prasad Ravi, Subhash Nagar, Behind Dr.Kali Babu’s Home, MUNGER 811201

6.     Mathews K.C., Road No. 10, House No. N/94, Magadh Colony, GAYA 823 001

7.     Bharat Bhagat, Siraha Village P.O, Chaita (Via), Ward No: 9, EAST CHAMPARAN 845 414

8.     Rambali Kumar, Champapur, Bhakthiarpur P.O., PATNA 803 212

9.     Sanjay Ram, Ambedkar Colony, Chakia P.O., EAST CHAMPARAN 845 428

10.  Shri Bhagwan Paswan, Rehoboth Mission School, Motipur P.O, MUZAFFARPUR 843111

11.  Avadh Bihari Lal, Paria, Bariarpur P.O, MUNGER 811 112

12.  Shambhu Kumar shah, Prayer House, Shermari chowk P.O., Pirpainty BHAGALPUR 813209

13.  Digvijay Ram, Bethel Gospel Home, Pakridayal P.O., EAST CHAMPARAN 845428

14.  Lalu Prasad Bhagath, Sant Tola Vill, Haweli kharagpur P.O., MUNGER 811213

15.  Suresh T.G., Ebenezer, C/o Mr. K.P Karan, Shanti Nagar, Dumra P.O., SITAMARHI 843301

16.  Jennings K.Simon, Peniel, Kabir Chowk, Laxmisagar P.O., DARBHANGA

17.  Prem Kumar Shah, C/o Vishwanath Shah, At Gandhi Pur, Bariarpur, MUNGER 811211

18.  Rudal Mandal, C/o Emmaus Bible school, Chotti Keshopur, JAMALPUR 811214

19.  Kedar Paswan, Shalom, Behind Police station, Sakra Faridpur Village, Dholi P.O., MUZAFFARPUR 843105

20.  Munilal Ram, Bible Study Home, Piparahe Road, Sheohar P.O., Pin 843329

21.  Samson D’cruz, Near LIC, Jayprakash Nagar, KHAGARIA 851204

22.  Sunil Kumar, C/o Mr. Mohan Paswan, Railway Qr. No 415B, Jhajha P.O, JAMUI (Dt)

23.  Jeby K.Simon, Santhwana, Anathalaya Road, KATIHAR 854105

24.  Abhay Kumar Mandal, Bethel Prayer House, Ward No: 13, LAKHEESARAI 811311

25.  Amar Kumar, C/o Dr. Devashish Das, Bahardurganj Mor, Khagra, KISHANGANJ 855107

26.  Niranjan Paswan, Bhagat Chowki Vill, Nawagarhi P.O., MUNGER 811211

27.  Sooraj T.G., C/o Basanth Kumar Mishra, Chanakya Colony, Industrial Area Hajipur P.O., VAISHALI 844105

28.  Johny Joseph, P B No. 7, Hajipur P.O., VAISHALI 844101

29.  Suresh K., Flat D 2/1 Purnendu Nagar, PHULWARISHERIF, PATNA 801505

30.  Benny Chackochan, New Professors' Colony, P.O. RTS, BEGUSARAI 851117 

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