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Br. Samuel Babu, Believers Brethren Assembly, (BBA), Majlis - Bahrain For the last few days, we have been relentlessly praying for Br. Samuel Babu, who suffered Cardiac Problems and was admitted in Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain. It was well pleasing for our Lord to call HIS child to the Eternal Home, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness and no death. He went to be with the LORD around 10:30 PM Bahrain Time today (Friday 23rd 2015). Let us uphold the grieving family members to the Throne of Grace. May the Lord bestow upon them heavenly Grace, Peace and strength and console them with the word of God.



 (The late God’s servant S.S. David (Kunjappachan))




When I heard on the sudden demise of our dear Uncle, with a real shock, alas memories splashed in through my mind.


I felt the loss just not the loss of a senior Family member, but the sudden missing of a   ‘Planter’ in India’s Brethren movement for the past about seven decades.


Even though my association with him has been quite spiritual, two generation of indescribable relationship that commenced with him and his family has been a legend. It was his godly parents who were the first fruits of the ministry of  Punalur Mission provided refuge to my Grandfather, P.I.Chacko (Parayil Punaloor Chackochan), who left his then lucrative business at Kallissery and landed at the then forest port Punalur as a pioneer of the mission. Subsequent to their unanticipated passing away, he and his elder brother (late Servant of God Justus Samuel) and two sisters (Sist. Lily and Sist. Janiamma) became our own family members. My  Father (Parayil Thampan), before his passing away, used to share with me the time he and his Brothers used to spend together with them as teenagers and more he shared the vision and spiritual nourishment SSD and Justus uncles achieved from our Grandfather. India’s Brethren history would not be complete in the absence of the records of the ministries of Punalur Chackochan which extended even beyond Mount Sahyan and about seven decades of services provided by S.S. David and Justus Samuel.



Late Mrs. & Mr. P. I. Chacko (Parayil Chackochan), Late Dr. Justus Samuel &  family, Late Mr. S. S. David & family with other family members.                        (Photograph of early 50's)


            A very sincere step for the Lord would bring everlasting results, none can disagree with this fact based on the Word of God and also it is true in the light of blessed experiences of saints who served the Lord throughout several years.  Here is a flashback from SSD’s life which he personally shared with me.


           Once SSD, while on vacation from Gulf back to Kerala, had the opportunity to be at the Sunday Worship and ministry gathering arranged at the closing of Kumbanadu annual Convention.  Missionary Silas Fox was ministering the Word of God.  He was describing the way God has been graciously leading him during the early days of his ministry in Andhra and Kerala.  Once he was packing up his baggage to travel to another station from Punalur after the annual Convention Meetings. After prayer, Evangelist P.I.Chacko presented a comparatively huge amount in his hands and said  “ This amount is the realization of gold ornaments that one widow sister handed over to me at her death bed and who wanted  the sale proceeds be given to missionary Fox for his travel expenditure”  Her name was Mary, the first fruit of the ministry of P.I. Chacko at Punalur.  Silas Fox continued “ I have been praying for the same amount to buy a ship ticket to go  on furlough and God provided it at the right time ”. 


           After the meeting missionary Fox while shaking hands with several shook hand of a young man on vacation from Gulf. The young man said to him “That widow was my Mother”.  Missionary Fox stunned for a moment with unbelievable countenance hugged SSD. 


           Flash back to this event hide a story of faith. Sister Mary as a widow at her death bed was surrounded by her four children below 15 years.  Her Husband was already passed away and she was about to be flown to eternity.  Evangelist P.I.Chacko and his wife (known as Auntie of Punalur) were tearfully watching the scene.  Sister Mary handed over some gold she had (which she never wore after her baptism) to the Evangelist who led her to Christ and requested to give the sales proceeds to Silas Fox.  That was her only saving and surprised P.I.Chacko asked “What will have for the children if you give out even this wealth?” She said with firm faith “ The Lord will take care them ”! What a step of unfeigned faith!


            Decades of history proved that certainly God took care of children.  Justus Samuel, S.S. David and their two sisters have been well off throughout their lives by decorating high secular positions.  And Sister Mary’s grandchildren and even their children are blessed both materially and spiritually all over the Word. Of course, they are all an asset to the Kingdom of God as well.


Solomon David arrived in Bahrain back in 1943, the first brethren who landed in such a dry barren land to work with Bahrain Petroleum Company.  Alone as a young man without any fellowship he considered his presence in Bahrain as Daniel’s exile in Babylon.  The spiritual nourishment he had accumulated thus far inspired him to seek for fellowship.  He managed to meet few Christians from the non brethren background, however, sharing the passion of fellowship they started a fellowship meeting, and that was the beginning of the Bahrain Malayalee Christian Congregation going to commemorate its Golden Jubilee next year.  The first step of a planter!


But as a staunch Brethren, he thirsted for New Testament pattern of worship and fellowship, thus back in 1944 the first gathering for breaking of bread was instituted at his own House. Three to four believers gathered; less in number but rich in fellowship.  The next step of a planter!


S.S. David

 In Master's service


The five Assemblies in Bahrain today are indebted to remember SSD and his glorious ministries. When he had re-visited Bahrain back in 1995 the believers in Bahrain honorably reminded of the early days of assembly gatherings under the leadership of SSD.


December 31, 1958 witnessed the departure of a great soul who carried the torch of Good News to Punalur and suburbs and also who became a mentor to many pioneer Evangelists who even crossed  Mount Sahyan with the same torch of vision including late M.E. Cherian.  For such pioneers and their families, the residence of P.I. Chacko at Chemmanthur, Punalur became a centre of refreshment both spiritually and physically.  Great Poet K.V.Simon when penned down the Kerala Brethren Assembly history wrote about PI Chacko “ A God’s servant in whose every breath had the spirit of evangelization”


 Three months of his ill bed had been  tearfully escorted by several God’s Servants and believers from all over India,  while all Family members from Kallissery, Adoor, and elsewhere endeavored to serve such visiting mass. (My Mother and other daughters-in-law were behind the scene in Kitchen helping out Punalur Auntie while my Father and his Brothers and cousins had been camping in the House for several weeks serving  Appachan).


As a three month old Baby Boy I also had the privilege of receiving a touch of the visionary Grandfather at his sick bed; but that touch became a touch of vision in my life, a memorable blessing.  My Mother said, he received me in his both hands and prayed that I should become fruitful for the Lord in future. Later on at the age of 13 my reading on the biographical note of Grandfather P.I.Chacko written by T.E.Easow became the cause of my conversion.  


Late Evangelist M.P. John who  was also inspired by Parayil Chacko asked him “ Father, what is your last wish”? He said “I want to see Kunjappan (SSD) before my passing away”. SSD was very favorite to him.   The matter was somehow communicated to Bahrain and all of a sudden with a burdened heart SSD flew down to Bombay and  reached Punalur.  Appachan has been enquiring on and off “Did Kunjappan arrive?”.  Finally Kunjappan arrived and Appachan was informed.  Grasping SSD’s  both hands in his own sick hands and spent some time in a very hearty conversation as the believers around have been witnessing.  “Take care of the Assembly and related ministries in Punalur” was his final instruction to SSD.  “So it is time to pray”, he expressed. And while SSD prayed, the one who was known to surrounding  residents as “Torch of Punalur” went down to a temporary sleep until the dawn of rapture.


 Thus as the mantle of Elijah fell on Elisha, the mantle of Punalur Chackochan fell upon SSD. This event became a call to SSD to return to India after three years during 1961, sacrificially leaving an excellent executive position with BAPCO, Bahrain.


             Of course, he voluntarily took over the mantle of Punalur mission. The ‘refreshing centre’ thus far functioning at Parayil was transferred to ‘Sharon’ which also became the centre of manifold ministries for several decades. Like Elishah was instrumented  by God double than Elijah, Justus Samuel and S.S. David in multiple manner were instrumented by God than Punalur Chackochan, their inspirer and mentor. Since 1961, until now Punalur ‘Sharon has been existing  as a real inspiration to Indian evangelization. But today the Easy Chair at the portico of ‘Sharon” is empty and if it would become necessary the Chair in eternity shall witness in volumes the spiritual achievements of SSD.


            For me, SSD has been a real inspirer.  As a member his mentor’s family  he always  in the past encouraged me.  He has been so dear to all our family members who live in different parts of India, Gulf and USA.  The white Ambassador Sedan from Punalur would always land up before the venue all our family functions in Kerala and he fondly involves in and prays for all our family matters.


Like Me-phi’bosheth was found favor before David because of Jonathan, the fondness of SSD always dabbed me because of Punalur Appachan.  He always kept a paternal relationship  and has been  a real encouragement to us those who are in evangelistic  ministries  from P.I.Chacko’s family circle ;  especially   late P.I.Abraham- Rajapalayam, Late Evangelist Joseph, Ponkummam, Billy P.Jacob- Siliguri, Geroge Thomas- Bangalore and me in Bahrain. Wherever he travels he tried to meet even any distant relatives of P.I.Chacko’s  Parayil family and used to spend time with them and encouraged them spiritually.


            Punalur mission was germinated at Kalissery during the early days of Brethren movement in Kerala while two Servants of God during their early twenties started tearfully praying for souls sitting in a quarry.  They were P.I. Chacko and P.C.Oommen (Elder Brother of late Mammen Kurian), the first who converted from the Knanite Parayil House and the later converted from the Syryan Orthodox Parayil House, both situated adjacent to each other  at the then commercial centre of Mid Travancore, Kallisery. While P.C. Oommen burned for the Lord in and around Kallisery,  adventurous P.I. Chacko headed the Punalur Mission.


S.S. David

"...rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord..."



             Seasons of scarcities and difficulties, but epochs of faith and vision!  But the faithful vision was paid off. Parayil Chackochan spiritually begot a multitude  for the Lord  and several of them became pioneers for the Lord in different parts of India. But among them the names of two whom he raised like his own sons stands prominent; Dr. Justus Samuel and Mr. SS David. Works that God accomplished throughout India through Justus Samuel demands volumes of writings and the way SS David had been instrumented by God demands months to pen down. Thus, over a period of a century, God raised three legends in the Indian Chrsitian History; P.I.Chacko, Justus Samuel and S.S David. These Stars at the eternal firmament shall shine along with millions of other stars.


   “ And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever” (Dan 11:4).   


Until then Good night dear Uncle!


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